Asphalt Paving

Is it time for you to put in a new asphalt driveway, or are you looking for a reliable company to seal your existing driveway? Give us a call and we will give you plenty of options to choose from whether you are installing a new driveway, or need us to do maintenance work on your existing one.


We can do all types of concrete work from repairing cracks to installing sidewalks as part of your newly built home. If you want a concrete driveway, we can get you any look you may want. When you are considering features for your home, we would recommend the durability and versatility of concrete.


We can design and install a driveway on your property made out of any material you want. We have plenty of experience in creating driveways from pavers, concrete, bricks, and asphalt. Is there a special kind of look or design you want to your driveway? The let our experts handle the whole thing and get you a quality driveway.


A beautiful patio in your backyard can make your home the place where your friends and family prefer to gather. We can design and build a patio from pavers, brick, concrete, or a variety of other materials. No matter what kind of patio you want, we have the expertise necessary to make your ideas come to life.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers can help to enhance your landscaping, or be part of the patio you have always wanted. The warming look of brick blended with the durability of brick pavers creates a variety of options for your property. We can create brick walkways, or we can surround your pool with a beautiful brick deck.

Privacy Walls

Wooden privacy walls are effective, but we can offer you other options that will make your privacy wall a conversation piece. We can create a privacy wall out of stone or wood, or we can put in a wall made of shrubs and bushes that will eventually grow into a real showpiece part of your home.

Retaining Walls

Some homeowners install retaining walls because they have to, while others install them because they want to. Whatever your reason for getting a retaining wall, you should leave the design and construction to our experts. We know the local building codes, so we will design a wall that will protect your property and keep the local authorities happy as well.


Private walkways and sidewalks on your property do not have to be boring. We can design and install sidewalks that will get you safely where you want to go, and will withstand the New York City weather. We are also experts in repairing and rehabilitating older sidewalks to make them safe again. Don’t take any of your sidewalks for granted. When it comes to getting work done on the walkways around your home, give our experts a call.

Granite Steps

Durable granite steps give you the long-lasting solution you need for exterior access to any door on your home. Whether it is from your patio to the sliding patio door or right up to your front porch, good granite steps will be there for years to make sure people have safe access to your home. If your granite steps are in need of repair, then don’t wait. The longer you wait, the worse the problem gets. Call us immediately and we can give you options on repairing or replacing your current granite steps.

All Types Of Steps

From granite steps to steps made of the highest qualitty wood, Luis Construction Corporation is ready to help you get the steps you need for any part of your home. We can design and install steps using any material you want, and we can also make recommendations for steps that will match your current interior or exterior decor.

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